Author Topic: CFLOW - latest version?  (Read 2748 times)

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CFLOW - latest version?
« on: December 25, 2020, 10:14:08 am »
I grabbed CFLOW from Hobbes, v1.1, meanwhile the official release is now at v1.6.

Quick check on the possibility of an RPM packaged turned up nothing, nor was I able to find a RPM package that perhaps contained CLFOW (but that could have been just my screwup).

Does anyone know if we have anything more recent?

CFLOW btw is a neat little utility which parses your C source code and creates a handy map: what functions/procs are called, the hierarchy, etc....all in all a pretty quick and handy way to visualize what the code is doing.

This came up as I tried to make more sense of the DISKIO structure.