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John Small:
After recovering from the OS2World system crash several months ago, the web interface for email was not restored. The webmaster has told me that he needs input on what mail software to set up. And he indicated that he would like input from the forums to help him decide.

He says that in the past the site has used Squirrel and Horde.

Please reply and vote for one of these two or propose an alternative. Thanks!!

John Small

John Small:
Or... vote for: It doesn't matter!

(My personal favorite.)


Martin Iturbide:
ok, here goes a Poll.

I use gmail for the the OS2World e-mail web interface.

Ian Manners:
I notice a lot of Horde hacks in my apache logs, but none for squirrel.

I don't use os2world email but if I did, I would factor in the above when I make a choice.

It could simply be that horde is so popular, just like cockroaches :)


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