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Martin Iturbide:

If you have a computer and/or device working on OS/2 and ArcaOS, please let me know to add it to the Hardware Wiki right here. https://www.os2world.com/wiki/index.php/Category:Hardware

A few observation:
1.- Remember to give me the model and hardware reports with pci.exe and lsusb if it is an usb device. HardwareID are very useful to know the chipset inside things and compare other working hardware.  Here I have an article on how to use those tools.

2.- The driver and any tip and trick that you used to make it work is welcome.

3.- If you reported a laptop/desktop/mainboard before, times has changed, now we have USB 3.x drivers with ArcaOS and Paul's Uniaud updates are showing good progress. So, let me know if I need to update the USB 3 and Audio support of the reported laptops/desktop/mainboards.

4.- You may post your hardware report here or send it via e-mail too.

Thanks for your help


Martin Iturbide:

BTW, the last thing that I personally tested successfully was the USB "HP Gaming Headset H320GS". Speakers and Mic working.


Hi Martin,

I have a couple of network colour printers that work very well even if they had to be added to the PSPRINT driver.
1)  Brother HL-3170cdw (colour laser) using the built in BR Script 3 PS emulator, connected by SLPR.
2)  Brother DCP-9020cdw (colour laser with flat bed scanner with sheet feeder) using the BR Script 3 PS emulator, connected by SLPR.  The Scanner works very well scanning over the network to the FTP Server on the computer.

The other item is a Brother ADS-1600w page scanner used over the network to the FTP server.

All units have been given fixed IP addresses on the network and were simple to setup through their built in browser interface.

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks Ivan.

I created this two pages:
- Brother DCP-9020CDW‎‎
- Brother HL3170CDW‎‎

Let me know if you want to add more information.


Hi Martin.

A few  comments,
1) the HL-3170cdw is just a printer - no scanner.

2) you might need to add that using the PSPRINT driver needs the PPD files for each printer to be imported (I used the Linux PPDs) otherwise the printer does not appear in the list of printers.  Importing the PPD files produces an AUXPRINT.PAK file that must be in the same directory as PSPRINT.DRV.

3) the ADS-1600w is just a page scanner (see picture).

4) both the scanners are setup to scan in different modes and resolutions. Example, the ADS-1600w has; 1)a letter setting - B&W @ 300 dpi, 2)a doc setting - colour @ 300 dpi and 3)a picture setting - colour @ 600 dpi.  The DCP-9020dcw has a few more at higher resolutions.


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