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Neil Waldhauer:
I don't have a Mac available to test, but the description seems to match the problem I see on ArcaOS.

Matthias Seidel:
Hi Neil,

Yes, it sounds similar.

Fortunately, this issue could be fixed with a rebuild and didn't need code changes.
Maybe Yuri can try different compiler switches? AOO 4.1.9 was released yesterday.


David McKenna:
 I recently updated libicu to version 68 (to try the QTWebtest browser) and am now getting crashes in OpenOffice 4.1.8 - anyone else see this? The Quickstart almost always crashes at boot, and going to 'Tools->Options' always crashes...

Hi David,
Yes i had this to.
I did some debugging with Silvan about this.
Seems the i18npool.dll is the cullpit

But when you copy the dll's from v65 back to the OO /program dir, the crashes are gone.
Or go back to v0.65

David McKenna:
 Hi Tellie

  OK, then it's not just my system. I was going to report it, but I guess Silvan already knows. I have gone back to version 65 and it works fine that way, thanks.



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