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Martin Iturbide:

I'm sorry to ask this again but there are some things that sometimes do not get to well stored in my mind.

I used to test the webcam in my Thinkpad L420 with Wim's "USBECD".  I just put this on the config.sys "DEVICE=X:\OS2\BOOT\USBECD.SYS /D:05C8:0317:#### /N:$CHICON$" and used the software to show image from the camera.

But at some point I got confused on other forum posts, that you no longer needed USBECD.SYS with "UVC Webcam Support".  Does "UVC Webcam Support" uses USBRESMG.SYS as driver for the webcam? or do I still need USBECD.SYS? or it depends on the webcam model?

I would appreciate some explanation that will help me with my confusion, since on the last two years I haven't been testing any webcams on ArcaOS.


Wim Brul:
Hi Martin,

When I started developing webcam support I produced USB Webcam Tests that required usbecd.sys in order to function. It only supported a few webcams owned by those persons that helped me out by testing. It is not recommended to be used anymore. At that time only usbecd.sys supported the required isochronous transfers. Since then I worked on usbcalls.dll and usbresmg.sys to implement a.o. isochronous transfers and that capability is nowadays present in both ArcaOS and Lars Erdmann drivers.

After that I developed UVC Webcam Support which works with usbcalls.dll and usbresmg.sys and consists of two separate sets of programs for UVC compliant webcams. Use either the 640x480 or the 320x240 set. Use the WebCam Viewer to watch video and take snapshots or use WebSee Server and Websee Client to watch video over a tcp/ip connection and take snapshots.  Later on I developed UVC Microscope Viewer which works with usbcalls.dll and usbresmg.sys and consist of one program for UVC compliant webcams to inspect specimem at 640x480 resolution and take snapshots.

My latest development (for Rémy Dodin's Use of webcam for video and audio recording) works with usbcalls.dll and usbresmg.sys and contains 3 programs for UVC compliant webcams. Webcam Server obtains video and audio from your UVC webcam and acts as an HTTP server and/or named pipe server and/or streams to stdout. Webcam Monitor Video acts as named pipe or HTTP client and shows video from the Webcam Server. Webcam Monitor Audio acts as a named pipe client and plays pcm wave audio from the Webcam Server.

Hi Wim,

It works nice since.


Martin Iturbide:
Thank you very much for the explanation and patience Wim. Now I get it.

I will do some Webcam testing with the "WebCam Viewer" and usbcalls.dll/usbresmg.sys.


Wim Brul:

--- Quote from: Remy on January 19, 2021, 07:24:03 pm ---Hi Wim,

It works nice since.


--- End quote ---

Hi Rémy,

Fine. In the meantime I have updated webcam.exe and wmaudio.exe and added  wmvideo.exe and I think my package is now complete.
I think I tested it with your wcc.exe but I don't remember. My memory is getting worse. I have attached it here so Martin could try these too.

@Martin - Use "webcam /n" to start the Webcam Server and use "wmvideo /n" to start the Webcam Monitor Video and see what you get.



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