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Martin Iturbide:

I'm not much a person of mailing lists, I have a preference for online web forums, but I have to recognize that a lot of people like those and use it.  (This is my excuse to justify why I ask these questions)

I was wondering what happened to the mailing list on netlabs. It was supposed to be almost a mailing list for each project.
- Do the mailing lists still work? I guess so, I keep getting some from [Uniaud-dev]
- Is there a place to review the old messages of the mailing lists? - web? newsgroups?
- It seems that the web GUI of some mailing list the "Gmane service" was used. Now all are dead links, I don't know about that service and what happened to it.

My main concern is that the knowledge of those mailing list got preserved in some way if possible.


Andreas Schnellbacher:
The Gmane server crashed. They had restored it partly, but not the netlabs tree. It's unlikely that the groups will ever work again. The same applies to the Gmane Web interface.

For monitoring the bug reports, Trac exists. Note that a commonly-made error is to get a account, but omit adding your email address to your project settings. That has to be made for each project to receive emails: Log in to a project, click on 'Preferences' on the top and on the 'General' tab enter your email address. Then you're usually notified about changes where you have posted a message to or where you have added yourself to the Cc list.

Communication between developers has to be made via PM etc. For announcements, messages have to be written to you and/or to other website maintainers.

To monitor activity, Jan does a very good job on his blog page.

Martin Iturbide:

About the mailing lists, it seem that netlabs uses ezmlm, it is still working right?


Andreas Schnellbacher:

--- Quote from: Martin Iturbide on January 22, 2021, 01:30:30 pm ---About the mailing lists, it seem that netlabs uses ezmlm, it is still working right?

--- End quote ---
I don't know, because the traffic in both mailing lists of my project were decreased to zero before the crash. But the mailing lists may be independent of the Gmane interfaces. Ask Adrian about that. BTW: The Trac interface with bug tracker, Wiki page and history (1) offers many options that we haven't had before that, excepting the (dead?) xTracker.

(1) Never press on 'Previous Period' on the 'Timeline' page. You won't get the contents back, except when you have a account and log in from multiple installations. It's not easy to get it back and it doesn't work if you have tried 'Previous Period' for both logged in and not logged in.
Just don't do that! It might be a bug of the current Trac installation and/or version.

Dave Yeo:
I still see a bit of traffic on the community mailing list. See
It's a shame gmane stopped working for netlabs.


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