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We all know the situation with Ray Gwinn, author of SIO2K. For many years, SIO2K has not developed or sold a license for many years. There is simply no way to legally obtain a registered version.

I have a computer with OS / 2 in a location where I have not been physically present for 2/3 months. When a power failure occurs or an OS / 2 error occurs, I have the option to restart my computer remotely. But that's not valid for me, because OS / 2 stays still and waits for the click that the unregistered version of SIO2K requires to continue and run OS / 2. It can't be done remotely :-(

I have a question and the current request: is there anyone who has purchased and owns a registered SIO2K that does not require user confirmation when running OS / 2? Is there such a person at all? For several years I have been searching in vain for a registered version of SIO2.

Is no one really the owner and wouldn't someone be willing to sell or donate a registered version given that Ray Gwinn is not communicating and cannot be obtained from him? Thank you so much for the information and help.

David Graser:
At one time, it was reported that Ray was willing to open source his software, but nothing ever materialized.

Here is the old link in the forum.,1820.15.html

I am not sure why the source code and key could not have been uploaded to Hobbes.

Martin Iturbide:

Ray Gwinn was active on facebook some days ago. I'm trying again to see if we can get a freeware license for the community.

I also tried to get the source code some time ago but he needed physical presence of someone to help him with the machine. I can not recall where he was located in the US.


Martin Iturbide:
Hi Robin

Excuse me if I ask too much, but I was wondering what is your need for SIO2K, what is been used for? Just to see if we can find some workaround. Is the OS/2 machine requiring a modem or some specific serial device that requires SIO2K?


Martin Iturbide:

Ray has replied to me that he cannot make licensed versions of SIO2K, since he lost the code that makes licensed versions.
I'm asking if he can turn SIO2K as "AS IS" freeware and if it can be possible to share the license code of someone with the community. I need his confirmation.

I'm not a user of SIO2K. How is the registration process? is it just including an serial number on the application or text file, or the binary has to be produced with the serial number?



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