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YUM libc-01.6.-1 local

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Dave Yeo:
I used to just do the upgrade on the cmd line and the missing packages would be obvious.
You can log it by doing something like

--- Code: ---yum update 2>&1 | tee update.log

--- End code ---

thanks dave. that helped to find out my installed version of db4 was too old.
with the help of the newer version i could now install db4-utils.

for cups i am told i need cups-filesystem 1:2.2.12-1.oc00.
but i cannot find this one...

Dave Yeo: looks like it.

thanks. didn't expect that i have to check another page than

Dave Yeo:
Yes, scripts and such end up in the noarch directory. Might even still be the odd requirement in the i386 directory though I doubt it.
Anyways. good you got it up to date.


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