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Laptop with ArcaOS (sold)


Neil Waldhauer:
This is a sad story about having to scrap one of my laptops for sale. It sold quickly.

As an ArcaOS user, I keep XCenter on the bottom of the screen. So the screen looked fine. But when I closed the XCenter, one row of pixels was white. Normally the XCenter has a row of white pixels at that location, so I never noticed it before.

Well, I can't sell it as a perfect laptop, so I decided to scrap it. But it has ArcaOS and all the applications, ready for customer delivery.

If you are handy, spare screens are available for about $75.

I now have a perfect version of the laptop for sale for $879 plus shipping, but including ArcaOS license.

This laptop with the screen defect is available for $180 including shipping within USA, but not including ArcaOS license. Shipping to other countries is handled by eBay. Put the computer in your cart to find details regarding shipping and customs. This is close to the scrap value of the laptop. I priced it just high enough to allow a potential ArcaOS user to buy it before the junk dealers get it.

So, for the right customer, this laptop is a bargain. The T450s is very close to the same weight as the much smaller X250, but with a 1920 x 1080 screen.

Hi Neil,

I have seen something like that before but never a full row of pixels.  As a quick test have you tried changing the background colour>  That might trigger the LEDs into doing a reset and so salvage the unit (it worked with my large screen monitor that I got at a reduced price because of some LEDs always being on with one colour). 

Neil Waldhauer:

I did try a color change as you suggested, and quite a few other things, but nothing I tried helped. I have seen whole rows go bad on laptops before.

did it have a way to connect it to an external monitor? It could be like an 'all in one' type computer?

Neil Waldhauer:
The laptop has a VGA connector. It works fine. The T450s is the last generation to include a VGA connector.


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