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Terminal scrolling


Rick Smith:

This may be a dumb ? But is there a way so that I can scroll in a terminal when I want to see previous parts? Like binkd is always running but I may want to scroll back and have a look at something?



Dave Yeo:
You could log everything and scroll back in an editor (not all will allow viewing an open file but some will).
Something like,

--- Code: ---blinkd.exe 2>&1 | tee blinkd.log

--- End code ---
will pipe stdout and stderr to tee.exe which will then both write it to a file and also to the console.
If you only want to scroll back a bit, you ca make the terminal have more lines, there's about a hundred line limit with 80 char lines,

--- Code: ---mode co80,100

--- End code ---

You can test this program:



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