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Compile os2 c code to Linux looking for someone with expertise

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Have some c code compiled for os2.   I would like to prepare the c code to compile with gcc compiler on Linux.   Looking for some expertise.

Dave Yeo:
Looks mostly portable except the include dos.h and the use of delay(), replacing delay() with sleep()  and removing all the CTRL-Z's makes the OS/2 GCC happy and may work on Linux.

--- Code: ---H:\tmp>pspltlinux.exe
PSPLTOS2, copyright May 13, 2003, Dr. Gerald N. Johnson
Needs, PSPLTOS2 forecast.fil command.fil

--- End code ---
"gcc pspltlinux-c " to test. I can try rebooting and testing later. It may need the file opening adjusted and possibly forecast.fil and command.fil need their line endings adjusted.


Thank you

I am having difficulty downloading the pspltlinux.c file .  Can you email or to me?

I have two other c programs I need help on....if there is a fee just let me know please

I was able to download pspltlinux.c.
I tried gcc -o pspltlinux pspltlinux.c -lm

pspltlinux fatal error: conio.h No such file or directory
#include <conio.h>

ls conio.h

Dave Yeo:
Try commenting out the include <conio.h> and see what errors you get. Doesn't seem needed here on OS/2


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