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Best way to copy a volume?

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Dariusz Piatkowski:
Thanks for the ideas you guys!

Alright, I'm going to do a test run copying just my MAINTENANCE partition using RSYNC. This is primarily because I already do my nightly backups using this method and have the scripts and logs all defined and in-place. So in effect this just becomes another run I need to do.

ZIP would work, but boy, there is something uncomfortable about having ALL of that data crunched that way (about 134G at the moment).

RE: DFSEE, I need to look into this further. I was under the impression that it had a "binary copy" type of functionality...which if capable of moving a SOURCE to a TARGET volume of different size would in fact be the cat's meow!

Thanks again everyone.

Hi Dariusz,

DFSee does in fact do that - it was the only way I could get OS/2 installed on my first Ryzen based computer.

As for zipping up hard disks, not a problem and I have well over a TB of data and programs spread over 12 partitions on 3 2 TB drives on my main computer - each partition is stored as a zip file on the main NAS box and said series of zips are used to recreate my working environment on a new computer.


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