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Intel NUC (A20 Gate error)

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Rick Smith:

Just curious if anyone has ever installed arca on a intel nuc? How did it go?



Martin Iturbide:
Hi Rick

I haven't get any report about an Intel NUC.
My guess is that the install should work and ArcaOS should run with BIOS compatibility ON, if the M.2. SSD Card is SATA, or if it is used with a SATA HDD.
Wifi will not work. But I'm still not sure about the video output, if all ports will work or only Mini DVI.

Alex reported something... maybe similar. "ASUS VivoMini VC66 Mini PC"


I had a bad experience trying to install ArcaOS on an intel NUC 8th generation.
The system refused to install due to the A20 Gate error. In the bios, there are no options for emulating the keyboard, so I could not solve the problem.

Andreas Schnellbacher:
The situation may improve with a future ArcaOS version. UEFI (and also NVMe) support is on the roadmap for 5.1.

Martin Iturbide:

On facebook there is this A20 Gate issue installing ArcaOS from Joseph. He opened a ticket without a way to resolve it yet.

Do you think that this will be fixed with the UEFI support in beta stage?
Any idea of the cause? some says it is the keyboard.



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