Author Topic: Unofficial xwp XWorkplace 1.0.13  (Read 61 times)

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Unofficial xwp XWorkplace 1.0.13
« on: Today at 11:19:59 am »
I've uploaded my own version of xwp here -

This version is very similar to the ones Rich released a while ago. Differences are described in the included .txt file
1) Power off/shutdown delay (apm.c) is set to 250ms in official builds. This
time is known to be too short for some systems. One of my system sporadically
does not fully switch off with this setting. 500ms works most of the time but it
needs 700ms to shut down reliable. My XWP builds defaults to 700ms. But you can
configure your own value by setting XWP_SHUTDOWN_DELAY environment variable.
F.i. adding 'SET XWP_SHUTDOWN_DELAY=1500' in config.sys increases the delay to
1500ms. Values from 250 to 3100 are allowed. Check setting 'Write XSHUTDWN.LOG
file' (Desktop - Properties - XShutdown) and an entry will be created for that
in this file in your %LOG% directory.

2) My XWP builds still uses the standard shutdown dialog with configurable names
for reboot options.

Maybe 1) is of interest for Doug.

Unfortunately I'm not a trac/xwp admin. So I can't add a proper ticket category. When you create a ticket at netlabs please specify exactly which build you're using.