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Martin Iturbide:

I had been creating some simple rpm packages for some OS/2 utilities that we discussed on the forum.  The idea for me is to have, eventually, a very simple and fast to install the tools that are commonly used in ArcaOS.

By learning how to make that packages, I checked other samples, and there some choices that sometimes had to be done in file locations (because of the FHS thing) like:
- Where to put HLP files ? - I choose "/@unixroot/usr/share/os2/help"
- Where to put the TXT files? - I choose "@unixroot/usr/share/doc/%{name}"
This was based on some other samples I checked.

I have them here for the moment: https://archive.org/download/rpm-warp-samples

Those are far from perfect, but I hope someday they can be improved and put no some RPM server.

Suggestions are always welcome.


Martin Iturbide:

Just in case to install those manually you can try:
 "yum install <full file name.rpm>"

Or from ANPM:
 Manage->YUM Tools->"Install Package from file..."

This are the package I created:

- AssoEdit-2.1.2-1.oc00.i686.rpm
- CleanINI-0.55-1.oc00.i686.rpm
- Diunpack-3.04B-1.oc00.i686.rpm
- KillFold-1.0-1.oc00.i686.rpm
- LX2Dump-1.03-1.oc00.i686.rpm
-  Larsen_Commander-1.6_M3-1.oc00.i686.rpm
- PMDLL-2.12-1.oc00.i686.rpm (not much needed since it is included on ArcaOS)
- PMDiff-4.0c-1.oc00.i686.rpm
- PMKill-1.0-1.oc00.i686.rpm
- ToLower-1.1-1.oc00.i686.rpm
- VisPro-REXX-Runtime-3.1-1.oc00.i686.rpm
- WatchDog-1.0-1.oc00.i686.rpm
- ePDF-2.99-1.oc00.i686.rpm


Martin Iturbide:
I included:
- TaskBuster-2.00-1.oc00.i686.rpm
- WinBack-2.0-1.oc00.i686.rpm

Mike K├Âlling:

--- Quote from: Martin Iturbide on February 13, 2021, 05:07:12 pm ---
I have them here for the moment: https://archive.org/download/rpm-warp-samples

--- End quote ---

Hi Martin,

Thanks for all your efforts. I lie the idea for the rpm packages.
Is there a way to download these files? The link provided does not work.


Martin Iturbide:
Hi Mike

Can you check if you can access archive.org? I remember that some countries (or ISPs) blocked it. If so, you may need a proxy.



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