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Already full paid: OS/2 User Meeting 2014


Sigurd Fastenrath:
For the notes: I have just paid the money for the rent of the room and the beamer at the Youth Hostel in Cologne for the next OS/2 User Meeting on 29th of November 2014.

As the Financial-/Duration- and Timequestions are all decided now we have enough time to collect ideas for the meeting from now on. :)

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks Sigurd for your efforts.

I will like to insist on the idea of having video/audio recording for the sessions. The idea is to preserve the content of the meeting in someway that can be consulted on the future and not being something temporal that does not get documented.

That will mean having, someone to video record the sessions and possible having a microphone to make it easier the record the audio.

Also trying to collect all the content generated like presentations, source code used in workshops, any documentation and put it on the web.

I understand that the goal is for users to meet, but I want to suggest that the secondary goal is generate and preserve OS/2-eCS contents for the community.


Thomas M.:
Hello Martin,

any kind of documentation was and will be up to me.
Last time I did not have time enough to work on video solutions. Therefor the last meeting we only had a text based documentation.
I think for the next time I will have time enough to work on a better (video) based solution.
As you mentioned "source code" or any kind of these things I am not sure if somebody will prepare some stuff which could (or should) be put online. We decided to keep the work of preparation low for anybody who intends to do a presentation. So it is up to the presenter how much work he will invest. But if there will be something to be put online we will of course do so.

Have a nice Christmas and a happy New Year.




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