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An application for BOOT from usb any ISO - Ventoy

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I have found this application and it could be interesting. I have tested it above and from the bios if it lets start an image.iso of arcaos506, but it stops after the acpi, with a pause for you to insert media. And it does not continue, except inserting the cd, but that is not the idea.
The airboot will not start it.But if you recognize it as bootable.
Well I leave the link in case of interest:

Do you know YUMI  (I use it with different OSes but didn't test iso OS/2 yet)

Of course, many tools exist.   

Martin Iturbide:

Having an OS/2 (ArcaOS or eCS) to boot from an USB device was always on my wishlist but I never finished my testing. There was this discussion some years ago. "Already there: a bootable OS/2 Stick - FreeOS2Loader".

Maybe someday I will try that again.


Dave Yeo:
I believe the problem is that the USB drivers aren't loaded soon enough when booting of USB, which is why the ArcaOS installer first creates a ram drive.

Dave - I attach an image of how far the boot goes. You can see that the usb drivers are loaded.

Remy - I did not know the application, but I do not see it so simple with that application.



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