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Flash and file uploads


I'm running eComStation 2.1 installed not virtual and using Firefox 10.0.12. When trying to upload files to a CMS-django in this instance-I always encounter a file IO error. The CMS uses Flash to upload multiple files but from my end there's no way to turn on single file mode. I assume this is a Flash problem rather than Firefox. I'm using Shockwave Flash

    File: npflos2.dll
    Shockwave Flash 11.5 r502

This is annoying because I have to go to a Windows machine to upload files. Any one have thoughts on a possible fix?  Thank you.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Mick

My only idea is going to the "CMS-django" and look if there is a "plugin" or feature to replace the flash upload components for a web based one.

Are you the administrator of the "CMS-django" site? if not maybe you can convince the administrator by saying that flash is unreliable on any platform.


Thanks for reply. I was curious to see if anyone else had seen this behavior. It's really just a minor thing given that flash works for most everything else.


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