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Otter Browser 1.0 [teaser]

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Dmitriy Kuminov:
First native OS/2 Otter Browser build ever, enjoy.

There are still some things to polish in Qt and Chromium to make it usable but it's a question of weeks now. One of the things to do is update our current Qt 5.13.1 to Qt 5.15, including Qt WebEngine which will also bring a relatively new Chromium version. Qt WebEngine 5.15 is a requirement in Otter since Nov 2020 (meaning so we are a bit behind until it's done). Updating Chromium is very important as 73.x is a bit outdated (Jan 2019). 83.x is the Chromium version in 5.15.2 and the upcoming 5.15.3 will have Chromium 87.x. This is needed for both performance and stability (Chromium is updated A LOT by Google). Also, there are some Qt issues to fix like system clipboard support which is surely needed for comfortable use.

Stay tuned.

Rene Hvidsoe:

Thanks for the update, can not wait to see the final browser  :)

Thanks for your hard work.

David McKenna:
 Thanks for the update Dmitriy! I will most definitely stay tuned...


Sergey Posokhov:
Excellent :)


--- Quote from: Dmitriy Kuminov on March 05, 2021, 07:00:45 pm ---First native OS/2 Otter Browser build ever, enjoy.

--- End quote ---

Really good news. I'm following this closely.
Thanks for all this work!



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