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Wendy Krieger:
I went through CONFIGTOOL 1.30 and the EDM/2 pages to see if there was anything amiss.

--- Code: ---SET GLOSSARY

  The files listed in this directory are made into the master index.

  If you plan to run more than one glossary, you need to create a new MINDEX object
  and point it to a different directory.  You then compile ordinary HLP files for it.

SET LUCIDEHELP=help files)
SET LUCIDEINSTALLPATH = path to Lucide.exe

DEVICE=C:\VM\        (Microsoft Virtual PC)
    vmdrv.sys         general driver.
    vmmouse.sys   mouse integration
    vmvdd.sys     virtual disk drive
    vmmap.ifs     file sharing
    "vmserv.exe daemon"  in startup.cmd

   should be c:\os2\mdos\ c:\os2\mdos /P

--- End code ---


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