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Is it possible? OS/2 for Power PC in Action on Cebit 95?

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Sigurd Fastenrath:
I am wondering, does this German show from the Cebit 1995 show the OS/2 for Power PC Edition in Action??


 :o 8)

EDIT: if the Link does not start at the right time, move on to 31:50

Olafur Gunnlaugsson:
Yeah, good catch

Not sure because it is all in German which I'm not very good at.

Martin Iturbide:
Yes, by watching the "PC" CPU I notice it should be a PowerPC. I remember seeing some similar models running AIX a lot of time ago while I was working at IBM.

But I had never experienced Warp 3 on a PowerPC, I don't even know the PowerPC models where was possible to install it.


It was only officially supported on four models of IBM's Power Series computers - two desktops: The Power Series 830 and 850 and two PPC Thinkpads: The Power Series 820 and 850. One of the IBM RS/6000 workstations can also be tweaked to run it albeit unsupported.


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