Author Topic: Error message "The message body was left empty." when I wanted to edit a post  (Read 6001 times)


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    Once I succesfully fixed my post in the forum, but after I just could only attempting -- as my savings always failed  -- even if I just removed one character and not a word or a quote.
    Another interesting behaviour :
    earlier I selected a smaller part from what I wanted to quote from other posts, but the whole post got in to my post's input field. Then I thoght : it is no problem I will edit it manually to the required amount there, but when I actually did it then I got the same error message above. This way I gave up and left as it happened to be posted at all.
    Could someone correct me if I was doing something wrong?
    I would like to understand why is it happen(ed/ing) and how to avoid it if it is really my fault.

Thanks in advance,

Dave Yeo

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Possibly a cache or cookie problem, as editing a post works here. You never said which browser you are using.
When at os2world, try pressing CTRL-F5 to fully reload the page. For SeaMonkey, you can go to Tools-->Cookie Manager-->Manage Stored Cookies and delete all the ones from os2world, you will have to relog in. I forget how to clear them in Firefox, you may have to delete all cookies by moving cookies.sqlite out of the way or directly editing the sqlite file, there's a tool on Hobbes.


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Hi Dave,

   Sorry, it was last Chrome on Win XP SP3 (49.0.2623.112 m).
   I've removed the cookies and cache for and reloaded the page.
   After re-login : I went to the affected post and try out : can I correct syntax errors ?
   Failed - but as it is minor issue this way and reduced only for me, so I would avoid typo
   after all before submit.  ;D
   Otherwise , it was worth a try ...
  Thanks again :D

Martin Iturbide

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I usually visit the forum (SM Forum script) with ArcaOS Firefox 45 and on Windows with Firefox 87 (I blink and it gets updated).
I don't have any major problems to post or to edit a previuos post. Maybe on ArcaOS FF45, it something crashed and I may lost some long text deleted (before posting it). But it is not an everyday thing.

In your case, is only a thing with that Chrome 49? can you try Firefox on your WinXP machine?

Martin Iturbide
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