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Andreas Schnellbacher:
Dariusz, about the keyword list: Just take it from other text editors. Respect copyrights if you release it. Other ones are MED, (VSlick), FTE, (NEPMD), VIM, JEdit. Most of them have poor keyword lists for many modes.

Here's another option to create a file that contains keywords to extract, converted from an .inf or .hlp file. That applies for the docs of some libraries:

* Load a .hlp or .inf file with a reference list into NewView. E.g. for the C library of the toolkit, this is xpg4ref.inf.
* Find the list of functions. For xpg4ref.inf, this would be the "Library Functions" section. If found, go ahead.
* Export displayed file as .ipf: Tools -> Save as IPF...
* Use HyperText/2, preferably the newest version,  to convert it to a readable file. At least 2.00 is required to convert it to a .htext file. That's the first version that contains the ipf2htext compiler (by me). Usage should be self explaining, otherwise use the docs or ask here.
* Extract the keywords from the .htext file, best with an editor macro, either a recorded set of keys or a written macro file. (I don't write which tool I prefer for this step.)
* I guess that keyword list can be added to the standard one. (I don't remember how that works for VSlisk, but apparently you know.)

Ibrahim Hakeem:
Sorry to hijack this thread, but could you point us to where we can find a copy of VSLICK? I've been looking for a good OS/2 based IDE that's no VIM for a while now

Dariusz Piatkowski:
Hi Ibrahim,

--- Quote from: Ibrahim Hakeem on April 12, 2021, 02:31:03 pm ---Sorry to hijack this thread, but could you point us to where we can find a copy of VSLICK? I've been looking for a good OS/2 based IDE that's no VIM for a while now

--- End quote ---

I'm afraid there is no official way of obtaining Visual SlickEdit v4.x for OS/2 anymore. That product was available around 1993-1999 timeframe. The last fix/update I have here is Feb_1999.

Having said that, I would not be surprised if you could still find this through sites like eBay or any of the numerous archive sites out there.

Dariusz Piatkowski:

Take a look please at the attached "User's Manual" for what I'm calling 'Visual SlickEdit Modern Theme for OS/2' configuration/customization.

I'm looking for feedback regarding what's missing in this document today. Keep in mind that this is NOT about explaining how SlickEdit does something, instead I had intended to introduce some of the control concepts the Theme uses, and then provide some of the background on how that Theme deployment is done.

My next step is to publish to Hobbes the full package so you can grab it and deploy as needed.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Dariusz

I had quickly read the PDF and looks very good. Possible I can only suggest to put your name, date and possible a license on the rules on how to use your text (Free? Creative Commons?).

I don't have or use VSLICK, but I after following the links on the PDF text I got a question. Where can the "Modern Editor Theme for OS/2" configuration files can be downloaded? I'm guessing that an INI and VLX files should be provided, or I'm guessing wrong?

Thanks for writing this.


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