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Booting with NVMe

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Andreas Schnellbacher:
Lewis' Wiki page is online.

The page for the NVMe driver is here.

See also this page for general driver addition and for saving Preboot menu settings.

For those playing around inside a VM, the easiest method (for me) was to just keep the .iso as-is, not bother with a virtual USB stick, and to just use the old method of a virtual floppy with just the NVME.* files and a blank BOOT_UPD.TXT.

That seemed to work just fine...

Matt Walsh:
I got the NVME drive on my AS Rock B-450 and installed the NVME, and using a USB drive installed Arca5.0.6 with the NVME.add in the Config.sys following the wiki directions.  If I boot from another SSD I can see the NVME boot drive and files, but when I try to boot it nothing happens.  The BIOS sees it, but I just get a "_"  flickering on the screen and nothing happens. 
Any suggestions welcome.  I'm wondering if it's a bios setting, but since it's listed on the device list I have no other ideas, so any suggestions welcome.

Neil Waldhauer:
I had the same flashing - at some point. I had to order the drives in BIOS so the NVMe drive was first. I had to install AirBoot on the NVMe drive. I had to make sure that the NVMe driver came before other disk drivers in Config.Sys. And I had to make sure that ACPI was not called with /VW.

Hi Matt,

Although I don't have a NVMe on my MSI B550 (Ryzen third gen) I do have an M-2 SATA stick that I boot from and found out very early that I needed to set that M-2 slot as the first bootable drive in the bios.  If I didn't do that it would try and boot from any other drive on the system, all 5 plus the DVD, but never try the M-2 slot.

At some stage I will add an NVMe stick to the second M-2 on that board and see what happens - maybe use one as a fall back boot system.


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