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Booting with NVMe

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Eugene Tucker:
Just wonderig. How do I add the NVME driver to my Arca OS 5.06 ISO? or is there another wayto get it to install to a fresh NVME drive?

Adding it to the .ISO itself doesn't seem to work, as it seems to use ramdisk images on the ISO.  So you'd have to modify those and then reburn the ISO.

So the easiest solutions seem to be USB stick or floppy.

Matt Walsh:
Back to my original post, I got my NVME SSD installed and seen by Arca 5.  I did the install as directed in the 20 point wiki document and Arca installed the base files, and then when I rebooted to get the rest of the install, the NVME disk won't boot.  I get a message:
"2001: Boot sector read error" which is better than my first attempts, but still not great. 
I can see the NVME disk and read data off it and even formated a data partition and can use it, but just can't get it to boot. Any further suggestions welcome.
Matt W.

Matt Walsh:
I had a failure to boot on AS Rock AB350M-HDV Motherboard with NVME.  Got help from David Azarewicz and realized it was a BIOS issue.  I then switched to an ASUS Prime B450M-A motherboard and it boots fine, so the problem was just the original MB.
Thanks to Arca and David  Azarewicz for their great work.
Matt W.


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