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Keyboard special keys on OS/2-ArcaOS

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Martin Iturbide:

This is a subject that I have left behind and I don't know much about it.

I know there is the "Keyboard - OEM Keys / Windows Keys" on ArcaOS's "System Setup" and works fine here.
But what about the other special keys that a keyboard may have? Volume, mute, play, etc, etc.. is someone there with experience mapping those keys, or any other software that is recommended for this ?


Hi Martin

Use the XWP Keyboard, Function Keys, RightMouseClick and select New Function Key to display the Edit Function Key Definition window.

Click in the Hardware scan code field (red) and press a key. Most keys respond by giving you the key scan value in Hex (and Decimal), you can give the key a description in the above field.

An example:

I have a keyboard with a Play/Pause button which I  setup to Play/Pause in SMPlayer.

In the Edit Function Key Definition window mentionhed above I clicked in the Hardware scan code field and then pressed the keyboard Play/Pause button. This displays the scan code 0x53 (83). I used Media Play as Key description.

Next I opened SMPlayer, Options -> Preferences, selected Keyboard and Mouse and then scrolled down to find and select Media Play, Toggle Media Play/Pause. Then I pressed the Play/Pause button.

I can now Play/Pause playback in SMPlayer using the keyboard Play/Pause button.

Hope the above gives you an idea how to setup all those extra keys  :-)


Martin Iturbide:
Hi Pete

Thanks for the reply. I started to play with " XWP Keyboard, Function Keys, RightMouseClick and select New Function Key".

My issue seems to be:

1) For the Thinkpad L420 (Internal Keyboard). I have four special buttons on the right (Mute mic, vol+, vol-, Mute). All, with the exception of "Mute Mic" are recognized, which is good.
2) On the same Thinkpad L420, I have the special Fn keys for "Petsis, lock, battery, sleep, wireless?, camera.... etc. Those keys should be pressed with the Fn key, but the FN key gets recognized (0x89 (137) ) . the special Fn keys only get recognized for F9 = Despl, F10 = Numloc, F11 = Pause, Insert=PrintScreen, Esc=Inter, and the special ones on the arrows work.

Is there something else that can be done for the one missing?  F2 to F8 ?
Wait, If I turn "PSD=ACPI.PSD /NOACPI" I get the brightness up and down buttons (del and home) working with Fn with the screen brightness and the XWP Key Mapper. And also all the missing Fn keys, including the "Mute mic" button.

I will try some other USB keyboards withe special keys.


Hi Martin,

You might find the utilities in Win95Key (on hobbes) to be useful sorting out the scan codes of the keys.  You should also be aware that not all USB keyboards give the information to our usbkbd.sys and in fact require special keyboard drivers to operate all the functions.

Hi All

Having posted a very brief "how to" above I now find I do not know the answer to this problem:

The XWP Keyboard recognises my keyboard "Media Stop" button as 0xD4 (212) but neither SMPlayer or VLC seem to be able to recognise this button when using their "capture" techniques - SMPlayer leaves the field blank while VLC calls it "Unset".

I did try entering the button name Media Stop (which I named the button in XWP) in SMPlayer but that does not work, when the button is pressed playback continues as though no button has been pressed.

Is there anything else I should try before I open a ticket for SMPlayer or pester KO Myung-Hun about this problem?




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