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Run IBM OS/2 on Android using Limbo PC Emulator

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--- Quote from: Dave Yeo on April 17, 2021, 05:37:28 am ---I just took a quick look at the latest QEMU, it would take work getting it to compile. For example, the configure script is hand written by Fabrice Bellard, so probably not too different from FFmpeg's configure but definitely no OS/2 support currently.
Perhaps if I get bored, I'll see if I can get it to compile, but right off, running configure dies with "ERROR: main directory cannot contain spaces nor colons" so it doesn't like that our sh's PWD returns the drive letter along with the current directory.
Guess the first step would be to find the patches that were used for the last port.

--- End quote ---

A newer QEMU would be really interesting IMHO. Also this PC emulator could be interesting to test and work on ArcaOS NLS, which I'm working on but HORRIBLY slowly due to work and many other issues (personal life). I'll give it a try.


Paul Smedley:
@Dave - porting Qemu might be interesting - any old patches would definitely help. I'm pretty busy right now but sing out if you want me to take a look...

Dave Yeo:
It looks like the patches are a good start, and some of them I would never have come up with. Even the original 0.11.0 port was missing a lot of functionality, audio (SDL), network, physical device such as CD, USB, Kernel mode driver, etc.
I'll try building the 0.11.0 first I guess.
@Ivan, what problems were you having?

Bernhard Pöttinger:
having an actual qemu would be very nice. I have managed to run OS/2 4/3/2.1, FreeDOS and Windows 95 on our old qemu. networking does not work; with "user" - networking I get IP addresses but I cannot connect to any service; I think something is broken in the network emulation.

best regards

Ibrahim Hakeem:
Agreeing to the sentiment shared here. QEMU is much less clunky as opposed to VirtualBox, if we could have a build with working audio (and maybe even networking), it would unlock a whole world of potential for many of us who run ArcaOS as a daily driver on one or more of our main machines.


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