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OS2MEDEF.H typedef - what is it?


Dariusz Piatkowski:
So there is this declaration in the OS2MEDEF.H header file and I'm having a hard time interpretting it.

Alright, looks like 'FNMCI' is a function, the argument types follow in the parenthesis, but from a tagging perspective (DEFINE vs STRUCT vs TYPEDEF) should this alias be treated as a VARIABLE or a FUNCTION (as I write this I'm actuallying questioning whether this is even the rigth way to put this very question)?

--- Code: ---...

--- End code ---

I'm asking b/c I'm progressing with my VSLICK OS2 Toolkit tagging project and can't quite figure out where this one belongs.


FNMCI is a type just as ULONG would be.
It just happens to be a function type instead of a variable type.

Dariusz Piatkowski:
OK, thanks Lars!

The last released version of VSLICK is short a couple of user-defined SYMBOLS, and that would allow me to split up all the types of declarations into their separate colour highlights...but still, even with that being the case the four currently available definitions cover a pretty good amount of the overall field.


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