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[SOLVED] TiMidity++ error on WPS (Ksoftseq - sound loop)

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David McKenna:
 Hi Martin,

  Glad you got it working! I like to try out different soundfonts - amazing how they can sound very different on the same MIDI files.

  If you run into any problems with MIDI, be sure to report at www.github.com\komh. I reported a couple and they were quickly fixed.

  Hope you can straighten out the looping issue too.


Dave Yeo:
One thing is that libkai likely expects uniaud and defaults to using it. Might need to change it to use DART, "SET KAI_AUTOMODE=DART"

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Dave

I added this two things on the config.sys according to the read me.

But the sound loop remains.

I will create a new VM and see if with the same procedure I get the sound loop.


Martin Iturbide:

I think that the loop sound problem is nothing related to "Ksoftseq".

I found some others ArcaOS VMs (the Vanilla one I have) also started to fail with the sound loop. I think it is possible an issue since I updated VirtualBox Win10 Host to 6.1.20 recently.
I need to keep checking it.


Martin Iturbide:

I found a workaround to the issue in VirtualBox. I changed the audio adapter for the guest from "Intel HD" to "ICH AC97" and the loop is gone. It seems that something changed on the VirtualBox latest version with the Intel HD audio device.



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