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Update of ScummVM possible?

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Dave Yeo:

--- Quote from: Paul Smedley on January 28, 2023, 03:18:01 am ---I'll investigate, I just ran 'make install' I don't really know how to test this...

--- End quote ---

What was your PREFIX? Standard /usr/local?

Sigurd Fastenrath:
I do Just Start scummvm.exe in the bin directory, I do not have ANPM installed, nor the usr etc directories.

Thanks for the DLL, Paul. It crashes while starting with libc error.  I am on the road now, will Post a screen shot once I am at home again.

Looks promising :D

David McKenna:
 Hi Paul,

 I get the same error messages as Martin does, but if I move the contents of '/scummvm/share/scummvm' into the '/scummvm/bin' directory, all errors go away (except the fribidi one, we don't have a fribidi.dll I know of), but then I get a new one that says 'No PNG support compiled!' and it crashes with an exceptq file (attached).


EDIT: found a fribidi.dll on Hobbes by KO Myung-Hun, but it didn't help. Maybe needs to be used during building?

Martin Iturbide:

I rearranged the files in the most easy way possible. (picture attached)

I was able to run ScummVM
- WARNING: initWithU32String: Fribidi not available, will use input strings as fallback.!
- The GUI takes time to load here.
- I downloaded the game Drascula and run it. It took some time to load.  It runs with audio, music is missing from the game. Nice game intro.
- I had played Drascula a little bit in window mode and works fine clicking the screen.
- Full screen mode (Alt+Enter) works, but click and movement is slow (choppy)
- On normal exit it will crash and generate the exceptq file.

You can test these free games: https://www.scummvm.org/games/

Too bad gotcha can not capture the game screen :)


Paul Smedley:
scummvm 2.8.0 will  be released  soon. I did a build from the 2.8.0 branch - https://smedley.id.au/tmp/scummvm-2.8.0-os2.zip


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