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Mike La Martina:
I own a copy of Prominaire Designer Version 5.c.  It comes on 3.5 inch disks.  Over the years I have lost the disks.  I do have a directory tree that contains a working copy of the installed product.
I also have a directory that contains the content of the install disks.

Restoring the working directory does not work as expected.  So I tried to  run the install program from its resident directory.  When I do this, the installer wants to read its filed from the A: drive.

Is there a way to make the installer work properly?

Hi Mike

Never used or installed PD but wondering if any config.sys file entries are required - in LibPath maybe - to get the installed version working...

What happens when you try to start the app from a command line?



Hi Mike,

Like Pete I don't know the program but I suspect your problem is down to missing DLLs that the installer put in the os2\dll directory.

Am I correct in assuming you don't have a floppy drive so you can't install from the floppies, if so, all is not lost.  You can download vfdisk60.zip from hobbes which will give you a virtual floppy disk that you can copy the contents of each floppy to from each of your install directory, and use that to do the install.

If you have each floppy as a disk image you will need to unpack them to the virtual floppy.  The easiest way to do that is to use EMT4PM from Daniel F Valot's site http://dvalot.free.fr/OS2programs.html  that program will also make disk images.

David Graser:
You might try a virtual floppy.  I was unable to install WP Security because it was looking for a floppy drive.  I installed vfdisk 6.0 and did the install again.  It installed. So I always install vfdisk so I can install this program.  Something to try.  I did not have to put the program on the virtual disk.  The installation program just had to find it.


Martin Iturbide:

I wish I could contact Matt Smith from Prominare, to request his software to turn open source or at least AS IS Freeware.
But Matt Smith is also the name of a Dr. Who actor, which make it harder to find him on online.



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