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Installing Prominaire Designer

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Mike La Martina:
Thanks for the ideas.
I have a 3.5" floppy drive, its the disks I don't have.
Good Luck finding Matt Smith.  He was very helpful when I spoke with him, in the 1990's.

Steven Levine:
If I had this problem, I would install vfdisk and copy files to the vfdisk and install from there.  This would allow you mix and match files until you get the files onto the correct correct diskette.  I suspect if I had the set of files you are working with, I could find the control files for the installer which would speed up the process.

VFDISK will pick the next free drive letter in the "reserved" range to support it's virtual floppy unit.
That is, it would normally not support drive letter A.
The question is, if the installer insists on drive letter A or if it insists on installing from removable media looking like a floppy. The latter will work with VFDISK.
Unless you recreate the floppies (I guess that is what Steve suggests) and get yourself a USB floppy drive (which DOES use drive letter A or it can be told to do so).

Olafur Gunnlaugsson:
You can try downloading the demo version, from the publishers old web page on the Internet Archive if it is not on one of the FTP sites, install it and then installing your archive over that.

Mike La Martina:
Thanks to Olafur Gunnlaugsson for the idea of using the demo version.
I installed it and in the install directory is a file named PDS.INI.  Inspection with the FM/2 Ini editor and it had and entry that names the install directory.

I edited PDS.INI in my Prominaire directory to name the Prominaire directory.

My testing shows that everything works as expected. 
Designer is a powerful development tool.  A less powerful resource editor is URE.

I am slowly rebuilding my OS/2 development environments.

Thanks  to all for any attention you may have given this matter,


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