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Image upscaling with AI


Martin Iturbide:

Just as a funny footnote. I had been upscaling some old OS/2 images with the free online tools available with AI.
For example this illustration that used to be 559x416 to 2236x1660
Both versions are here:

I also was playing with some OS/2 logos that were available on the web and were very small.

Some people don't like it, but it is just for fun. Maybe I should try the video upscaling tools for some old OS/2 videos ;)


Wendy Krieger:
OS/2 shipped some wallpaper that was OS/2 tiles.

v3.00 os2tile.bmp is a relief-grey version of the tilted square.
v1.30 os2logo.bmp had a full size neon logo.
v3.00 os2logo.bmp had the non-wavy OS/2 Warp under the tilted square.
v4.00 os2logo.bmp is a small square tile of the standing up version of the rings.
v3.50 had a wallpaper for OS/2 PPC.  (3.50 is OS/2 ppc)


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