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Martin Iturbide:

I want to test some of the old desktop enhancements tools on ArcaOS 5.0.6 VMs. This can be very experimental and it make break the WPS, but this is why I'm using a test VMs.

1) I want to try WPS-Wizard, which I know it is very experimental.
- ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/wps-wizard/wpswizard-0_6_1a3-eng.zip
But I can not install it. The install.cmd procedure can not register CWObject on ArcaOS 5.0.6 WPS.

I get:

--- Quote ---Current directory is C:\Programs\wpswizard

Registering class CWWizzSettings...
Registering class CWMenuFolder...
Registering class CWLaunchArea...
Registering class CWObject...

Error while registering class CWObject
Deregistering class CWWizzSettings
Deregistering class CWLaunchArea
Deregistering class CWMenuFolder

 An error occured. WPS-Wizard is not installed properly.

Use a tool like checkini to check/repair your INI files.

Press <ENTER> to quit.


--- End quote ---

I did a "chechkini /c /r" restarted the WPS, but I still can not install and register the class.

2) I want to try Dialog Enhancer. There is this installer on hobbes. But I can not install it. The installer says it can not find the .txt files that are already there.  I also don't understand how it is supposed to apply the .DAT updates of it.  (os2site)

Any tips are welcome.


Ian Manners:
Checking in my WPSWizard directory, the Readme.1st file has:

--- Quote ---Be sure to have installed Cairo 1.22 (including libc06.dll)
and the Innotek font engine. Otherwise installation will fail.
--- End quote ---

Make sure you have the EMX runtime libraries installed as well.

Martin Iturbide:

I have Cairo 1.12.18 installed from the rpm. (cairo2.dll, cairos2.dll).
I noticed that WPSWIZZ.DLL asks for "cairo146.dll"  (using pmdll). I will check if I can find it from some old cairo package.


Martin Iturbide:

"cairo146.dll" on the sys/dll directory did the trick to let me install wps-wizard. I'm rebooting now to see if it worked.


Martin Iturbide:

I'm sure if it installed correctly. I was able to see the "drives" page enhanced with the icons on the window (the toolbar). But the rexx gadgets are not working.

Anyways it is interesting. I found that some things of wps-wizard can be good to reuse in some project to improve the WPS.



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