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Ibrahim Hakeem:
With low-end Windows 9x 3d gaming being a goal wouldn't it be feasible, easier even, to just bypass VT all together? Without VT, I find that I can properly use Linux, Windows XP and to a limited "down-tuned" extent even 7 with no major performance losses on Virtualbox with the stock kernel. Keep in mind, it's not like this is going to be the next VBox so I doubt that degree of performance is even necessary.

Besides (putting technical legality aside as a whole can of worms), as good a platform as the OS4 Kernel can be, I personally feel it would be better to have it running on our stock kernel for the sake of stability and to an extent, ease-of-use.

Dave Yeo:
@Ibrahim, the VT isn't necessary, just nice to have. As for 3D graphics, I wonder if it needs host video driver support or can be brute forced.

@Martin, yes, I don't really see much issue with using the OS4 kernel, but Lewis seems fairly worried about upsetting IBM so I'll err on the cautious side. As Ibrahim sayss, things should work on the stock kernel, even ones not distributed by Arca Noae, though reboots will be needed more often to recover memory.


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