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Hobbes (Files) Reoganization

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Martin Iturbide:

"/pub/os2/dev" is taking shape.

I'm going forward with the idea of this structure:

--- Code: ---Dev

--- End code ---

Inside "ProgLang" I'm including the specific compilers for each language.

There are the /misc folders inside some of those. If someone sees that a new category(directory) can be created, since there are like 5 items that can create a new category, let me know.


Martin Iturbide:

Just to keep posting some updates, I had been doing some progress with "/pub/os2/dev"
I think it looks better, but I still need to keep working with the C, Cplusplus, REXX, EMX and Pascal to put it under /proglang.

To don't get bored, I jump from time to time to reorganise other directories and I found I have some complications on how to organise this two directories:
- "/pub/os2/apps/comm"
- "/pub/os2/util/network"

On COMM, I don't have any experience with BBS and modem communication software. Does Fossil falls under the BBS category?

I'm trying to organise things (if possible), not of what technology they are, but what they do. On "/pub/os2/util/network/" I still need to think about the "lansrv, "tcpip" and "ndis".
I'm confused about "ndis" because are protocol drivers that I had never used. Are those fine there? Any suggestions? or should be moved to something like "/pub/os2/system/drivers/ndis" ?

Comments and help is always welcome.


Dave Yeo:
Fossil would fall under the BBS category.
 Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) is just another name for our (and DOS and Windows) network drivers, or more exact part of them IIRC. OK, Wiki has an overview,

Sergey Posokhov:
It's time to rename


Martin Iturbide:
 :o :o :o

You mean the files in the incomming directory, yes, that is my mistake.

But the hobbes archiver already fixed all my past mistakes putting them on "Analyzer" with "y".

I will fix the .txt files that I use for template to reflect the correct word.

Thanks for the feedback.


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