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Hobbes (Files) Reoganization

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Martin Iturbide:

The DOS section is almost done /pub/dos
I just need to relocate these last 7 files.

What is ""? It says "Dos Client Message File", is it some kind of communication software? Serial?


Dave Yeo:
Copyright 1990-1994, Novel, Inc. Maybe a Netware TSR or such. Looking, this page, references a slightly newer one from 1996 though mostly lsl32, the 32 bit version, and here is a PDF on it,
Seems lsl stands for Link Support Layer.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Again.

Getting into again the reorganizing again, I will put some efforts to finish

One with thing with "/pub/dos", I don't know where to put which it says is the "IBM DOS 5.0 ISO font supplement"

And I'm going little by little trying to include all the OS/2 public (Freeware/Shareware/OpenSource/Demos) software I can find on hobbes. That is a long and ongoing thing.

There is this rule we set at the beginning or the reorganization , "Hobbes will only maintain the latest version of the software, and some exceptions apply."  I still have also the crazy dream to have a secondary repository with new and old version of all OS/2 Software following the same directory structure of hobbes. I'm doing that on my hard drive, and I published a backup on 2023-01-15. ( But the energy is running low these months  ;D


Martin Iturbide:
Hi Guys.

Do you think that hobbes should start supporting .7z and .rpm files just like now supports .zip and .wpi ?


Dave Yeo:
Well, rpm is easy enough to zip up, Not sure about 7z, though for large files it is better.


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