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Martin Iturbide:
Thanks Mentore !!

Martin Iturbide:

I had been uploading some old OS/2 software that was missing on Hobbes these days. Nothing extraordinary, but I think that some of those REXX scripts and little shareware software deserve to be back on hobbes organized in a proper way.

With the exception of the noise in the "/new" page, since it is the only way I have to upload files, I always put the latest update date of the software for people not to confuse it with something new.

If you have any suggestion of what is missing, let me know. Remember that on hobbes we are putting only Freeware/Shareware/Demos/Public/Open Source OS/2 related software.

Also, any let me know any other improvement suggestion that you may want to see on Hobbes to discuss it with the developer.



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