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Hobbes (Files) Reoganization

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--- Quote from: Martin Iturbide on May 16, 2021, 07:30:36 pm ---Hi

Just in case, this weekend, I will take a full backup of hobbes and put it on just to leave it archived. I guess nobody will get mad for it.


--- End quote ---

I don't think there will be problems with this. I also second your idea of an alternate "main" repo for OS/2 software.


Martin Iturbide:

As a first step, I had uploaded an old Hobbes 2020-02 backup I have on

I will upload an 2021-05 backup too.


Neil Waldhauer:
Something looks wrong with the file dates. They are all 17-May-2021

Martin Iturbide:

--- Quote from: Neil Waldhauer on May 18, 2021, 03:57:47 pm ---Something looks wrong with the file dates. They are all 17-May-2021

--- End quote ---

Seems to be the upload date from my machine to I think there is no way to preserve the original dates of the files when you upload a file there.

Also, yesterday night, I also uploaded a 2021-05 backup of hobbes I made with HTTPTrack.

With this, I expect,  people will have access to the backup in case we decided to delete some old software versions in hobbes. I still need to think more about it and discuss it.


Ian B Manners:
Hi Martin,

Apologies about the late reply, been busy, and will be for the next couple of weeks.

Archiving is like religion..
As long as you have the files you need I do not think there is a right, or a wrong way, and everyone has an opinion of what you are doing wrong :o)

I still update my hobbes mirror whenever the incoming directory file count goes down but this is not currently reflected on as it
is no longer an OS/2 based server, so none of my scripts etc run. I had a look at stunnel/rsync/ftp but have not been successful in getting any combination to
work with updating from my home based OS/2 server. It is on my to do list so will be looking at it again in a month or so.

My hobbes mirror also does not remove files, it's not an rsync type mirror but a plain FTP mirror of hobbes.

On itself, over time I'm been creating /old directories where older versions of files are moved.
I do this as occasionally a file is uploaded to hobbes that has an incorrect "Replaces:" field, and if its not caught then that file is removed or deleted. Not a good way to maintain an archive, and its a pain to retrieve a file from an older backup, if I recognised what has happened.
Some people have requested that I not keep older versions of their software on, in that case the older versions are moved to a non public area on the server. One person asked that all their software be removed from public view, this I did.

I have also created a directory where all of your uploads are moved to, that keeps the original files intact but creates a parallel archive of your cleaned up files, doing otherwise was getting a bit messy :)  The /sw/martin/ directory on my home server is far more populated that the publicly available version.

The main thing is that YOU are happy with what you are doing :)
And don't let it take over your life.


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