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eCS 2.2 purchase

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Ibrahim Hakeem:

--- Quote from: badre on May 18, 2021, 06:51:16 pm ---@Neil Waldhauer eCs2.2 beta 2 not work on my ibm thinkpad T42 but eCS2.2 beta 5 work.
i think its better that i buy arcaos 5.0.6 which should work on my thinkpad T42.

For the purchase I suppose it is an email with the link that we received (digital download), because in DVD, shipping is expensive to France.

I can burn the iso file with imgBurn to DVD.
The last version for ArcaOs is 5.0.6 ?

--- End quote ---

If I'm not mistaken, once you've made the purchase you will then be able to click a link to have an ISO generated for you through your orders page on your Arca Noae account. When the ISO is ready, you'll get an email notifying you and it's smooth sailing from there. I can verify that imgBurn will work just fine as I've used it to burn ArcaOS ISOs. I'm pretty sure there's even the tools to make a bootable USB in the package from Arca Noae, but I'd personally recommend going with burning it to a DVD since that option is much more straightforward.
From personal experience, when I had a T42 - I noticed that using a DVD burnt beyond 8x speed seemed to not work reliably. I'm not sure if this is a universal thing or just due to the condition of my drive, but it's worth keeping in mind.

Regarding PCMCIA cards, I don't have any knowledge on this when it comes to ArcaOS, but I'd have to assume so long as you've got the relevant drivers for whatever card you're trying to work with, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you are installing a DWA-610 for the sake of having WiFi, your internal card on the T42 should already be compatible. I think the XWP addon for wireless connectivity already deals with the hard stuff. Just to be clear, this addon is included.

As for USB floppy drives, I believe the feedback is mixed on them due to how many options there are with their own varied controllers. Your mileage may vary. You won't need to boot from a floppy drive to install ArcaOS though, it's bootable from the DVD drive.

thank you for all informations.

Dave Yeo:
Yes, as Ibrahim says, after purchase, they will build a personalized ISO image for you to download.
You can burn it to DVD or build a bootable USB stick or even put it on a special HD (small FAT) partition to install. You shouldn't need a USB diskette drive but booting should work.
For maintenance, which I assume you tried to boot the diskettes for, you can use the burned DVD or USB stick, there's an option to leave the installer to a maintenance desktop.
As for PCMCIA cards, they should be supported given the drivers.
The latest current version is 5.0.6 with 5.1 in the pipeline, assuming it is released in the next 6 months, you also will be able to download that. As well as any driver updates that have been done since the release of 5.0.6.
As for the actual install, here I found I had to deselect the AHCI driver for the install to finish, it is not needed, you may find the SNAP video driver better on your system.

Neil Waldhauer:

--- Quote from: Dave Yeo on May 19, 2021, 02:41:49 am ---The latest current version is 5.0.6 with 5.1 in the pipeline, assuming it is released in the next 6 months, you also will be able to download that.

--- End quote ---

You will be able to download 5.1 if you pay for it. If there is a 5.0.7, that is included in the support and maintenance agreement.

Greg Pringle:
So, Neil, you say Arca Noaea does not have re-sellers?


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