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eCS 2.2 purchase

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Neil Waldhauer:

--- Quote from: Greg Pringle on May 19, 2021, 02:16:54 pm ---So, Neil, you say Arca Noaea does not have re-sellers?

--- End quote ---

I am an Arca Noae reseller. You can buy ArcaOS from me in digital download, DVD, USB stick, virtual machine, and pre-loaded on laptops, towers and desktops.

Wendy Krieger:
ecS 2.2 only went to beta.  But it's still very good.  Buy 2.1 and use its key in the 2.2 beta.

Eugene Tucker:
The problem with ECS as you will have to get the driver support from Arca Noae. eCS does not seem to be in development any longer. If yo want a future capable OS yo need Aara OS. Which the coming 5.1 will be able to install on a UEFI machine and wil also support Nvme drives and GPS.

Andreas Schnellbacher:
For Hardware since about 2016, you need newer drivers than the ones in eCS 2.2 beta 2 + latest CVS additions.

For example, I always had problems with the USB drivers from the eCS times with a board from 2015. Newer systems can't even be installed without recent drivers. But due to the limited contiguous memory amount, the maximum of usable hardware is about at i5. (About 1 GB recognized memory with newer systems is too little.) Usually the RAM for a built-in video driver uses a part of the recognized RAM. Consider that and eventually use an additional video card instead.

In your case, it's a very old T42. That one is supported by Warp 4.x, eCS and Arca OS. Compared with more recent hardware, the T42 is quite slow. At least replace the HD with a SSD. Don't expect the system to work with newer Web sites. I would start with newer hardware.

Roderick Klein:
I am testing a system here with UEFI firmware (1 year old) and I have 3.3 GB of RAM. It depends on the system.



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