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eCS 2.2 purchase

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Andi B.:

--- Quote ---...on my T42 except hibernation (might also work if installed on C:)
--- End quote ---
Hibernation works on my T42p (some eCS DE Version installed on M:). What you need is a C: Partition which is configured to hold the hibernation file(s). But it's not worth to install all this old stuff. I think I've posted somewhere the time it takes to hibernate. IIRC something about 1:40 while a reboot takes nearly the same time. It's so slow although I've put into a SSD in my T42p.

thank you for your information, i will go to arcaos,
i also installed os / 2 4.52, which works well, i just have problems for the usb, concerning the usb floppy drive.

For ArcaOs 5, all drivers is included ? i need separed packages ?

Martin Iturbide:

--- Quote from: badre on May 18, 2021, 11:40:48 am ---For ArcaOs 5, all drivers is included ? i need separed packages ?

--- End quote ---

Hi, that is the idea of ArcaOS, to have all possible included. It has the USB drivers, ACPI driver, and a lot more software included on the installer directly. Version 5.0.6 is the latest version available.  You can check some of the changelogs.


Neil Waldhauer:
I sell eComStation. I can sell you the final beta build eCS b2 2.2 (Dec 31) for the price of eCS 2.1. eCS Demo beta 5 is based on eCS 2.2 beta 2 from May, 2013.

Others have said ArcaOS is a much better idea. For your case, I agree with them. If you buy eCS b2 2.2 (Dec 31, 2013), it is pretty much unsupported. You are on your own.

ArcaOS 5.0 was less feature rich than eCS 2.2 b2 (Dec 31), but with the current ArcaOS 5.0.6, it is much better than any eCS.

The only case where eCS is better is where you have a product based on eCS and you want to buy a license for one more copy of your product. In that case, ArcaOS is not acceptable. I have tried, but Arca Noae will not accept the order. As such, my largest accounts are eCS-only.

@Neil Waldhauer eCs2.2 beta 2 not work on my ibm thinkpad T42 but eCS2.2 beta 5 work.
i think its better that i buy arcaos 5.0.6 which should work on my thinkpad T42.

For the purchase I suppose it is an email with the link that we received (digital download), because in DVD, shipping is expensive to France.

I can burn the iso file with imgBurn to DVD.
The last version for ArcaOs is 5.0.6 ?
ArcaOS work with pcmcia card ? is not limited with ibm pcmcia card, for example with DWA-610 d-link ?

If i want to boot from floppy drive usb it work ? is exist disquette for booting to c:\ prompt with ArcaOs ? because with os/2 warp 4.52 it not work
causing usb drivers, when i insert the third diskette , it not recongnize floppy drive.


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