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Windows 2000 client access


Sean Casey:
I would like to access a LAN Server 5.2 named pipes service from a Windows 2000 client, which requires authentication to LAN Server.  I have not been able to manually hack an install of IBM's 1997 NT Primary Logon Client on Windows 2000 and was curious if authenticating a Windows 2000 client is possible?

In exploring my options, it appears LAN Server does not allow anonymous access to named pipes even while working from the server.  I need to authenticate to the LAN locally from the LAN Server console before I am able to access a named pipes service via an OS/2 or WIN-OS2 server session. 

Dave Yeo:
It should be possible, IIRC, the Win2k needs to use the older NTLM v1.

Andi B.:
I remember I've set up a W2k and XP machine with IBMs primary logon client. Not sure if it was plc2k_Ver4.4.exe. Accessing shares worked. But no clue about named pipes.

Sean Casey:
The version 4.4 client update resolves my problem, thank you very much. 


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