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OS/2 world and European privacy laws....

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Roderick Klein:
I am not that concerned really about cookies. You can install software to block cookies.
What I did notice is that recently (unless I missed something) is that on OS2world I keep getting a lot of Google adwords.
I assume these adwords are there to generate some income ?

Best I know os2world is based in Sweden as a Swedish non profit organisation and there for should comply with EU law.

That brings us in the topic of cookies:
In other words, if you're in Europe and host a website that uses cookies, you are required to tell your visitors that you're using cookies, let them know what those cookies are being used for, and get their consent before you can place cookies on their device.

The website does not ask you if you want to install the cookies.
You also, best I can tell do not have a cookie policy.

It is not really my conern. But its required by EU/national laws.

The new OS/2 VOICE donation website I also had to bite to work on this stuff...
It has a cookie policy and explains which cookies it installs and it privacy statement...

If you guys need help with this feel free to look at my donation website and copy away :-)
Or send me an email if you need help.


Martin Iturbide:
Hi Roderick.

Thanks for your concern. I will check on that.


I installed AD blocker on my Android phone. Otherwise, the site would become close to unusable.

Ibrahim Hakeem:
I'm relieved I'm not the only one. I did some asking on the Discord server when I noticed it happening with me - the current ad layout is definitely a pain. Like Lars has said, it's gotten to the point where you need an adblocker to even be able to properly read threads from a smartphone.

Greggory Shaw:

--- Quote from: Lars on June 02, 2021, 11:40:36 am ---I installed AD blocker on my Android phone. Otherwise, the site would become close to unusable.

--- End quote ---

Hi Martin,

Thx, for all the work that you do for the community but there must be a better plugin for cookies it's way to big and the ads are crazy to much do you have it on auto-ads ? And I already bought all my computer parts and Newegg & Best Buy has a very good way of tracking you. Every other ad that pops up has my a list of what I viewed while deciding on what I wanted to buy.

Lars, I started using Brave browser nightly with Protonmail's free VPN and it's great at blocking most everything on my phone !



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