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Andreas Schnellbacher:
I have both of Holger's patches applied since years. I never noticed a problem without and with fix 1, but since the Mozilla times it was hard to say what really caused the countless crashes.

I recommend fix 2, because then dialog sizes adjust perfectly to a set font for PM_SystemFonts -> DefaultFont. (This value is usually unset, which defaults. to 10.System Proportional. I've mine set to 9. WarpSans.

The only problem is that IBM's view.exe has problems with that and e.g. the buttons are resized, but their font don't fit in the reduced size. That app doesn't seem to comply with PM rules. (Holger already has mentioned this problem in the readme.)

In eCS times Alex wrote that Asian fonts have problems with this patch. That's probably the main reason why it didn't make it into a later eCS.


--- Quote from: David Graser on June 13, 2021, 02:27:26 pm ---OS4User, I was wondering if you have heard or used NEWCALLS for OS/2 by Carsten Arnold and your opinion of this idea.

--- End quote ---

I have not seen it before and  just checked it.   And  so far agree with Rich - it does not have big sense now,  however can be easily added to  discussed pmmerge.


--- Quote from: Mike K├Âlling on June 13, 2021, 12:42:11 pm ---No problems after restart so far. However I have no clue what pmmerge.dll is for.

--- End quote ---

tnx for testing.  pmmerge.dll  is a main dll which contains  code of Presentation Manager. 

David McKenna:
 Been running this test PMMERGE.DLL for a couple hours now and it seems OK. One thing I notice is a 3 note beep from the system speaker right when the desktop appears at boot. This doesn't happen when using the ArcaOS PMMERGE. Not sure if this is a signal from the test version, or some other system component complaining...


--- Quote from: David McKenna on June 13, 2021, 06:04:21 pm ---One thing I notice is a 3 note beep from the system speaker right when the desktop appears at boot.

--- End quote ---

this is a signal from the test version  :)


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