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Blue Lion & Brother HL-5470DW High-Speed Laser Printer ?

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Greggory Shaw:
 :DI'm about to buy Blue Lion! Does anyone have an experience with a Brother HL-5470DW High-Speed Laser Printer?

Or used the drivers below. I hope it works I picked it up for only $26 bucks !!!

--- Quote ---If you have a Brother laser printer, and have not been able to print to it, even via CUPS, we have some possibly good news for you: The brlaser CUPS driver package (RPM) has recently been updated to version 6.0.0, and our port should be moving from our experimental repository to the subscription repository very soon.

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Thank you,


Hi Greggory

This page suggests it should work... https://www.openprinting.org/printer/Brother/Brother-HL-5470DW



It appears to be very similar to my HL-3170cdw which uses the BR Script 3 postscript emulator so no need to complicated drivers - just use the PSprint driver with the SLPR port.

Dariusz Piatkowski:
Hi Greggory,

--- Quote from: Greggory Shaw on July 07, 2021, 01:20:26 am --- :DI'm about to buy Blue Lion! Does anyone have an experience with a Brother HL-5470DW High-Speed Laser Printer?

Or used the drivers below. I hope it works I picked it up for only $26 bucks !!!...
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Yeah, you can't go wrong for that price!!!

Indeed, I have been using this very printer in OS/2 for a couple of years now. What I am about to explain is specific to getting native PSCRIPT based drivers configured. I have not tried to install CUPS and compare the results.

To start off with, here are a couple of existing threads on our forum that detail the specific "issues" and fixes, so instead of a copy/paste just take a look at these:

1) Anyone successfully using Brother HL-5470dw? => https://www.os2world.com/forum/index.php/topic,902.0.html

2) How to find or extract a Postscript printer driver? => https://www.os2world.com/forum/index.php/topic,1684.0.html

3) Printer advice => https://www.os2world.com/forum/index.php/topic,1554.msg15255.html

The following section is from my post in #3 above, where you'll also find the matching fixed-up PPD's in case you want to give the native PSCRIPT drivers a chance:

--- Quote ---...
So here are the setups I currently have in-place, all these relate to the Printer=>Properties window:

1) OUTPUT PORT (field names below match the dialog-box you will see)
LPD server = static IP I assigned to my printer
LPD printer = BINARY_P1

Port name = SLPR1
Print Timeout = 60 secs

Performance = LPRPORTD Compatible (I was never able to get the 'High Performance' setup working)

2i  => PSCRIPT
I used the IBM PSCRIPT v 30.800 driver here, but first I imported the 5470DW PPD file into that driver. This allowed me to have the various printer specific features available in the printer driver. This is also where I ran into some problems, especially around the print resolution. For example, trying to use HQ1200 always caused PSCRIPT driver to crash. So by default, I have my printer set to 1200. I simply like my high-quality print and using 600 just doesn't appeal.

2ii => PSPRINT
I also setup the PSPRINT driver, similar setups to PSCRIPT, my goal here was to find out if the changes Alex included in PSPRINT would create a better result. This, amongs other things, allows your print jobs to include fonts (support for embedded TrueType fonts) with each output.

I did not see much difference, as a result, I am using the IBM PSCRIPT driver nearly 100% of the time.

--- End quote ---

That is my 2nd Brother printer and I have been very happy with it, even though I am forced to run in 1200 dpi and cannot use the HQ1200 (which really is not that big of a deal actually as I simply do not print big enough of a volume to start seeing a hit to the toner use. I get about 3 yrs and 6500 pages per regular TN750 toner cartridge).

Neil Waldhauer:
The HL-5470DW isn't a supported model in ArcaOS 5.0.6. When I bought an unsupported HP printer, I asked the BitWise people to update the port of HPLIP, and it is now a supported printer. The same may be true for this Brother model.

It would be nice if we had a printer program to query the local subnet, get the model number and automatically install the driver and configure a printer object.

You can get the PPD file and add support manually, or if you don't care about all the printer features, you can use some other BRScript driver and get pretty good printing support.


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