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Problems with our browsers (SM & FF) with bitbucket.org

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Andi B.:
Is bitbucket.org now unusable with our browsers too?

It worked when I tested some weeks/months ago. But this was on another OS/2 system. Now pages are left blank. I can log in and some direct links from my history work. But navigating to root projects or workspaces don't work anymore :-(

Mike K├Âlling:
Just tested: https://bitbucket.org/ starts with normal layout.

Firefox ESR 45.9.0 (firefox-45.9.0.en-US.os2-Pentium-m-9.9.2-08112020 from Dave Yeo)


Andi B.:
Can you log in and navigate? Or take some direct link like https://bitbucket.org/Andi_B/os-2-wpa_supplicant/downloads/ and do you not only see the downloadable files but can navigate to the source code and commits?

I can see the pages and download the files, but I can't see the text on the left, with Firefox or Seamonkey.
But with simplebrowser it looks perfect.
Attached photo of firefox.

Dave Yeo:
It's pretty broken now, even with a new profile. Not surprising as JavaScript gets updated and more sites depend on the Google crap and customElements. Too many sites also only target the last 2 releases of a limited set of browsers. Reading the SeaMonkey newsgroup, it's a problem with the latest releases on quite a few sites, even some like Youtube which still works fine here, as well go browsers such as PaleMoon Brave and other forks.
SeaMonkey's newsgroup is now at alt.com.software.seamonkey, Firefox and Thunderbird are nearby as Mozilla has dropped their newsgroups.


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