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Problems with our browsers (SM & FF) with bitbucket.org

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Andi B.:
I just discovered that web.telegram.org is unusable too now. :-(. They also don't send SMS anymore to logon from a new browser. So without a smartphone and installed app it's not usable anymore. Even with a rather new browser on Win.

Jochen Schäfer:
Github is no joy, either.

Andi B.:

--- Quote from: Jochen Schäfer on July 12, 2021, 04:59:35 pm ---Github is no joy, either.

--- End quote ---
That was the reason why I choose bitbucket.org instead for my work years ago.

Dave Yeo:
I chose Bitbucket as it supported Mercurial at the time and besides being a CPU hog, worked fairly well. Then they got bought out by Alsation and went downhill, eventually not only dropping Mercurial but also deleting all Mercurial repositories instead of setting them read only. Also at some point, uploading broke, even on other platforms with up to date browsers.
Now all these sites are implementing Google Web components and Custom Elements with no fallbacks,only supporting the latest 2 versions of a select number of browsers.


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