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DOS Window Woes

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Kevin Nunn:

--- Quote from: Roderick Klein on July 22, 2021, 11:30:46 am ---
Create a testlog of this system and upload it.

What is the make and model of your system. Having more information will be helpfull.
It seems DOS windows is not the issue, but rather the the VDM support is broken.
Starting WIN/OS2 full screen will also hang the system.

Changing the video driver will most likely not help.
If you have the line ACPI.PSD in your conrfig.sys try starting with ACPI.PSD /MAXCPU=1 and try again.

But this rather sounds like VDM code running in into trouble either by the CSM layer in your BIOS or the video card BIOS code screwing up.
Because that is what VSVGA.SYS depends on.

Roderick Klein

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the reply and assistance. Attached is the testlog for the system.

I tried the /MAXCPU=1 and it did not change anything except for the number of processors that I could tell.

The system has "integrated graphics" and does state what type of chipset it is. Panorama tab does not report any VESA info, card name nor card vendor.

Roderick Klein:
One thing to take into account is that currently for ArcaOS requires a so called CSM is. Effectively the UEFI firmware provides a BIOS compability layer.
The issue is that OS/2 leans on BIOS stuff hardly basically almost no other OS uses. Windows 7 was the last OS to be shipped on PC using a BIOS.
UEFI was introduced in 2013.

Putting it differently the CSM might be required to meet certain specifications, but vendors have in practicallity very little need to test the CSM that extensively.
Windows 7 was the last OS requiring a CSM. The issue you are running into with the DOS session not working is most likely an issue in the system CSM and can most likely not be resolved unless you open a ticket at Arca Noae. Your issue is most likely beyond this forum to help you as it will require some indepth analyses WHY this is happening. The testlog reveals nothing strange.

The phase out of the CSM in the UEFI system code is also the reason I understand Arca Noar is working on UEFI support for ArcaOS.



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