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DOS Window Woes

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Dave Yeo:
Is it possible to update the video card? Most aprox 10 year old ATI cards I've used at least handle full screen DOS sessions, often also being capable of using ALT-HOME to become windowed.

Kevin Nunn:
I tried the DOS = HIGH,NOUMB. Opening a DOS Windows session was still the same, but it did allow me to open a full screen DOS session and I could ALT-HOME to windows, but something was really pegging the CPU and the system was very slow. I will try to toy around with it more this weekend.

Neil Waldhauer:
For people trying to help Kevin get DOS Window to work, here is the URL of the computer


Normally DOS Full Screen would work on this computer. But I am not a DOS user, so I have little to contribute beyond what Arca Noae gives me.

The DOS compatibility will improve in ArcaOS 5.1. The improvement will not easily install on ArcaOS 5.0. If you are a DOS user, you have something to look forward to.

Of the suggestions seen so far, I like installing an old (poster says 10 years old, but I think he meant 20) ATI card. This computer is the last one to have PCI bus, so an old video card is a possibility.

If this can be solved by better DOS settings, then I'd like to see that.

Dave Yeo:
I did mean closer to 10 years old. Unluckily I can't remember the exact models but I've had a couple of ATI cards that with Panorama, somewhat worked with DOS.
Best might be to wait for AOS 5.1

Roderick Klein:

--- Quote from: Kevin Nunn on July 20, 2021, 02:51:28 am ---Stating up front, I have already done the /int10grfxsafe thing, MODE C80, etc I even installed a VIOP10.WPI that someone referenced somewhere else.

The issue is with DOS windows. I had a issue previously on a different computer and the above did fix that. But this is on a Lenovo Desktop (Blondeguy machine).

This issue is different from the issue i had on the other computer.

Now the DOS window opens, it shows text changing in the first 2 columns of the window and after 20-30 seconds the OS locks up.

Attached is an image of what the top left of the window looks like, characters seem to scroll across the 2 character area, but it doesn't look like it is a continuous stream.

I've been dealing with this issue for awhile. The computer runs my BBS and the only thing I can't do is run BBS doors since most are all DOS. Just wish I could figure it out and maybe play some LORD or USURPER again :P

--- End quote ---

Create a testlog of this system and upload it.

What is the make and model of your system. Having more information will be helpfull.
It seems DOS windows is not the issue, but rather the the VDM support is broken.
Starting WIN/OS2 full screen will also hang the system.

Changing the video driver will most likely not help.
If you have the line ACPI.PSD in your conrfig.sys try starting with ACPI.PSD /MAXCPU=1 and try again.

But this rather sounds like VDM code running in into trouble either by the CSM layer in your BIOS or the video card BIOS code screwing up.
Because that is what VSVGA.SYS depends on.

Roderick Klein


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